Jack's Tale


Linville Falls Winery

is the culmination of a life-long passion for wine, because Jack Wiseman had dreamed of growing grapes and opening a winery for more than 60 years. Now, he gets to work alongside his family, pioneering High Country-grown wine in Linville Falls, North Carolina, just a few short miles from the rural area where he grew up.

Jack's story has humble beginnings. He learned everything about hard work, gratefulness, and an appreciation for growing crops from his grandparents, Charlie and Ida. They also taught him how to make wine, along with other notorious mountain spirits, and that deeply planted seed was there with him when he ended up in California after serving as a medic in the Korean War from 1952-1953. At that time, he was at a ripe age of 22, and lived a short distance from Napa Valley and ended up spending a lot of his time there, learning more about winemaking and experiencing the start of their now world-renown wine culture.

But Jack always longed to return home to the Blue Ridge Mountains. And so he started by moving to Charlotte, NC.  He married a mountain girl he knew growing up, JoAnn, who quickly became the love of his life. Together they had three children, and he operated a successful janitorial business that he started from the ground up. But he still longed for the mountains and the home that was such a big part of him. He took a chance and moved back to the mountains he loved with a vision in his heart. In 1962, Jack planted his first crop of Fraser Fir Christmas Trees. Most people thought he was crazy, but now there are over a million trees in production, and growing Fraser Fir trees has become the livelihood of many people in the High Country. 

Jack's passion for cultivating and harvesting trees paved the way for him to do the same with his vineyard. In his mid-70s, he began growing grapevines on a farm in Linville Falls: one of the first he acquired when he had moved back to the mountains. And at 80 years old, Linville Falls Winery opened for business, and it is better than he imagined. Now, he has the joy passing on this legacy to his grandkids, all while sharing the love of growing, hard work, and good wine with those around him. We welcome you to come share with us, too!