Red Barn Tree Farm


Our vineyard & farm's oldest standing structure tells the story of our history...

The Red Barn was built in the late 1800s, back when our little plot of land was a dairy farm operated by a man named Stover Wise. In 1968, together with some close family members, Jack Wiseman bought this beautiful property with the vision of growing and selling Christmas trees. For many years, the trees were sold to lots in Charlotte, or to wholesale accounts. But in 1992, this tree field took a different turn and became its own choose-n-cut by the name of Red Barn Tree Farm. In the following years, the choose-n-cut was been run by Jack himself, then family friends, and then back to Jack and his grandkids, where they now enjoy providing families with a fun Christmas experience every year. 


Now, with the winery in the picture, the barn has become more special than ever, and gets to be enjoyed for different events year-round! In 2013, we opened up the once diced-up rooms within the barn into one large, open space, leaving us with a bounty of wormy chestnut wood and old treasures from another time that had been stored within those rooms. Of those priceless items were the windows from the old farmhouse that sat on the property until it was condemned. During construction, we were able to use those windows and make them part of the barn when we enclosed the left side with the remaining wood. The Red Barn is such a treasured place.


Every year, the week before Thanksgiving, we open the Red Barn Tree Farm for business! We would love to see & serve your family during the Holiday Season. Check back in November for updates!