Event Questionnaire

This questionnaire helps us know exactly how to best set up for your event! Our Coordinator will use your responses to put together an Event Proposal. This proposal will be sent to you along with the Event Contract (which contains basic rules we have for all events.)

Please complete the questions below:

Name *
Will you need to come early to decorate for your event? *
We have limitations on decorating based on the date and time of your event. By checking "Yes" it indicates that you would like to decorate, but does not guarantee that we will allow it. We will work with you to come up with the best option!
How will the food be served? *
Please keep in mind that we don't have a full-service kitchen, so food will need to be cater-ready.
How will wine be served? *
There is an additional fee for table service. Refer to the info sheet sent in our first email correspondence, or reach out if you have questions.
How will wine purchases be handled? *
Seating *
Will you have a Live Band or DJ? *
Bands & DJs must come with their own PA system
Will you need space for dancing or a presentation? *