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2nd Annual Honeybee Festival

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Did you know that the honey bee is a crucial part to our ecosystem? Without their pollination, we as growers would be in big trouble. Our festival celebrates the fascinating world of honey bees and how they enrich our lives without us even knowing!

When: Saturday, August 4th during our regular winery hours, 12pm - 6pm.

Where: Our vendors will be set up in our Red Barn adjacent to the Winery Tasting Room. You'll have the opportunity to purchase local honey & learn more about the importance of the honey bee.

Anything Else?
Yes! The Tasting Room operates like a regular Saturday with wine tastings, wine by the glass, and wine by the bottle. We'll also have live music in the events room!

Will there be items for purchase?
Yes! We'll have some great vendors and educators on site. If you'd like to purchase a product from them, be sure to bring CASH since there isn't internet in the barn.

Is this a ticketed event? 
Nope! It's a free & public event. We look forward to seeing you there!

Vendors + Educators

Our Honey Bee Festival is an event where we invite different honey bee educators, beekeepers, and honey enthusiasts to participate in celebrating the honey bee and it's importance to our ecosystem! If you would be interested in setting up a table in our barn as a vendor or educator, please fill out the form below.

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